I am teaching SH science this school year as well as Computer Programming

Physical Science: The Physical Science course is designed to introduce the basic concepts in both chemistry and physics. In the beginning of the course, students will discuss worldviews and foundations for beliefs. By the end of the course, students will be able to explain matter and the basic building blocks of the universe. They will be able to discuss various types of energy and how energy affects matter. Students will have been exposed to concepts mechanics, as well as periodic motion, and will have a basic understanding of the periodic table and chemical elements, and how those chemical elements react with one another. Most importantly, students will have had the opportunity to study physical science through the lens of a biblical worldview. The study of science can enhance our knowledge of and appreciation for the universe’s magnificent Creator!

Biology:  In Biology, students have the opportunity to study God’s creation. Beginning with an overview of the biblical worldview, students then progress into a study of what makes up living things. Both animal and plant cells are studied, focusing particularly on functions that cells are able to accomplish. Genes and heredity are a favorite section as students learn about DNA and chromosomes, studying traits that make humans unique. Biotechnology bridges technology and environmental studies, and students discuss both the benefits and dangers inherent in this topic. Students discuss origins, both how it is viewed by a Christian and one who believes in scientism. The class moves then into the science of organisms, studying characteristics from the seven kingdoms. Zoology provides an excellent opportunity to study the large variation of creativity demonstrated by God’s creation.

Chemistry:  Chemistry is the study of the structure, properties, composition, and changes in matter. Chemistry is the study of atoms and molecules, and reactions occurring between them.  By studying chemistry, students will learn how important the properties of chemistry are to their everyday lives.   Studying chemistry from a Christian worldview will allow students to learn more about the Creator, and His design and complexity in even the tiniest pieces of matter.

Physics: Physics is a course expanding on many of the topics studied in physical science class.  Students will study both classical and modern physics while using mathematical skills to solve problems related to motion, work and energy, properties of matter, electricity…etc.  Students will participate in labs related to the content covered in the lectures.

Computer Programming: An introductory course to programming, where students learn basic programming skills.